Skip Barber Southern Series – Sebring

February 16, 2010
I always look forward to taking a Friday off from school to go racing. So I expected to have a four day week, but lucky for me, we had 2 feet of snow here in New Jersey. Two feet of snow equals two days off from school! I went to school on Monday and Tuesday, then I enjoyed a nice 6 day weekend thanks to the snow days and race days! It was sweet! With all the snow, my dad and I were lucky our flight went out on time Thursday night. We met up with Steve Welk in Orlando and we were all in bed at the hotel in Sebring by midnight.
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Skip Barber Southern Series – Homestead

January 25, 2010
I couldn’t wait to start the new year and get back in the car. The only problem was that I had a Midterm exam in Algebra on Friday that I had to take. Luckily for me, I have a pretty cool principal and she thinks that racing is actually a sport. So with my parents’ help, the principal cut me some slack and allowed me to make up the exam when I returned to school on Monday. So when my dad and I got on the plane to Florida, I was completely focused on racing, not Algebra.
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Skip Barber Southern Series – Kershaw, South Carolina

October 26, 2009
So far this school year, I hadn’t been absent at all. I was very glad on Friday because I finally got to miss a day of school! My dad and I flew down to Charlotte, North Carolina and met my coach Steve Welk there. Then we had an hour and a half drive to our hotel. We got to bed pretty early and were ready to go early Friday morning. On Friday we had two 40 minute practice sessions in which I spent most of the time learning the track. The track was kind of small, had no grip, and had a lot of really hard corners. By the end of the day I felt fairly comfortable in the car.
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WKA Man Cup Race Report – New Castle

August 31, 2009
There’s no better way to spend your last weekend of summer vacation then being at the track. Since school won’t start until Sept. 2, my mom, dad, and sister were all able to make the trip to New Castle. For once our flights weren’t delayed and there were no screaming little children on the plane. So we had an excellent trip to Indiana.
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Skip Barber Road America: August 20-23

August 25, 2009
You know the old saying “third time’s a charm” ? When it comes to racing Skip Barber, luck was in the cards for me this weekend. It was my second time racing at Road America and man, what a weekend. We got all of our bad luck out of the way before we even stepped foot onto the track though. Our flight was delayed a couple of hours and me and my dad wound up arriving at 2 A.M. which definitely doesn’t help when I had to wake back up at 6 to get in a car. Not going to lie, the delay was pretty stressful but we finally managed to make it to the hotel to get a few quality hours of much needed sleep.
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WKA Man Cup Race Report – Road America

July 13, 2009
We got home from the Skip Barber race on Sunday night and went right back to Road America on Wednesday for the WKA Man Cup event. I was glad to see many of my friends who I hadn’t seen since May. My mom and my sister came too so I was glad to have my whole family’s support. The weather was great for racing all weekend long and our team was excited to get going.
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