2010-2011 Skip Barber Karting Shootout

December 09, 2010
I can pretty much admit that when I did the Shoot-out last December and came home empty handed, I was very disappointed in myself. When the new year began in 2010, I made a complete commitment to do whatever it would take to go back and win. My focus of the entire 2010 season was on trying to win the scholarship. So when we arrived in California this weekend, I felt ready to go. I was definitely nervous but I promised myself I would stay confident and calm both on and off the track.
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Skip Barber Western Series – Laguna Seca, CA

November 10, 2010

I was extremely excited to get to California for my first time at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Lucky for me, NJ public schools were closed on Thursday & Friday, so for once my mom didn’t have to call the school and pretend that I had a life-threatening illness! This gave us all day Thursday to travel (it was a 6 1/2 hour flight) so we would be ready to get on track first thing Friday morning.

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Summer Regional Series at Lime Rock

October 11, 2010
I love racing at Lime Rock. The only problem is that their rules state that you cannot race on Sundays. That means the races are held on Friday & Saturday. Which also means that I desperately needed to take Thursday off from school, as well as Friday, so I could get some practice in. The only problem was trying to convince my mom. Luckily she let me skip school AGAIN to go racing. She was not too pleased with this though. My teachers this year are awesome – they all gave me the work I’d need to finish over the long weekend. I am lucky that they are so patient with my crazy schedule.
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Summer Regional Series – Mid-Ohio

September 20, 2010
The good news is that I was able to skip school on Friday to go to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for practice at the Skip Barber Regional. The bad news is that I had to endure a 9 hour drive out there. Lucky thing mom put it on pole again so the drive only became 8 hours. I passed the time in the car sleeping, doing homework, and watching Top Gear.
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USF2000 Test at Road America

September 09, 2010
Even though I just went back to school on September 2, I already had a couple of days off due to the Jewish holidays. So me and my mom & dad took a quick one day trip up to Road America for an USF2000 test day. We arrived in Milwaukee very late Wednesday night, slept a few hours, then headed to the track. We had to get a lot accomplished in a short time because we only had one day. 
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Summer Regional Series – Lime Rock – Aug. 6-7

August 08, 2010
Since I hadn’t raced a Skip Barber Regional in couple of months, I was excited to get back in the car. Lime Rock is only about a 3 hour drive from our house, so my dad and I woke up at 3 AM to drive to the track in time for practice on Thursday. My dad was driving pretty fast but he didn’t get on pole like my mom does when she drives.
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Skip Barber National – NJMP

July 19, 2010
I was very excited to get back into a Skip Barber National car and try my second National weekend. Since New Jersey Motorsports Park is only about two hours from our home, it was nice not to have to hang out at airports for once. My dad and I drove down there on Wednesday night so we could be there for the lapping sessions on Thursday. Unfortunately, I had a fever of about 103 degrees and my body felt like garbage. Even though my mom wanted me to stay home like a little baby and take medicine all day, I was like, “No Way!!!” because I wanted to race!
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F2000 Test at Blackhawk Farms

July 14, 2010
On Thursday, July 8, 2010, my dad & I finally got to meet the people from Arms Up Motorsports. We went out to South Beloit, IL, to Blackhawk Farms Raceway, so I could test an F2000 car. I spent all day Thursday getting a new seat poured and getting fitted for the car. The seat came out awesome and I started to feel more comfortable in the car. On Friday morning, me, Dad, Steve Welk my coach, and Gregg & Brent Borland met at the track and began our day of testing. 
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Summer Regional Series – VIR – May 1-2, 2010

May 03, 2010
Since this was one of the rare times when a race was close enough to drive to, my parents and I made the 8 hour drive to VIR. My mom did most of the driving and I think she qualified on pole! A couple of times I felt like putting on my helmet while we were weaving through Washington, D.C. traffic. Somehow she avoided all the cops and we made it there in one piece, whew!
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