Stars of Karting National Final Report

October 13, 2008
No matter what happened this weekend, our team was grateful for the awesome season we had leading up to the National Finals in Las Vegas. We really wanted to finish off our year with a National Championship. Our team was excited and nervous. Excited to be in Las Vegas, yet nervous because we knew we had a national title on the line. I guess you could say we were “cautiously optimistic”.
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Stars of Karting Seattle Report

August 29, 2008
What a long flight we had from New Jersey all the way to Seattle, Washington.! It was raining when me, Dad, and Mike Doty got off the plane. I guess that’s nothing new for Seattle. Anyway, we spent Thursday setting up the kart and we had a little free time so we went to the Space Needle. It was totally awesome!
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WKA New Castle Report

August 18, 2008
We went into New Castle with high hopes for a win. Although we didn’t get one, I think our team had a pretty awesome weekend. The weather was great all weekend long with lots of sun and just a few clouds. I was glad that for once my mom and sister came along, which made the weekend even better!
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WKA Norway Race Report

August 04, 2008
Team 64 was hoping to have a successful weekend in Illinois. The weather was great most of the time except for a quick shower on Friday. Friday was a hectic day as we practiced for all three classes. We were doing well and were pretty fast. However, even though we felt confident on Friday evening, we knew that there was a lot of tough competition out there.
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Stars of Karting Shawano Race Report

July 19, 2008
When we arrived in Shawano, we were hoping our good luck would continue as we got ready to finish up the STARS East division. During the early session of Friday’s practice, the heavy rains soaked the track. The first two sessions we practiced in the wet. We were lucky that it quickly dried up so Jamie, Mike, and my dad could work on our set-up. Throughout practice we were never the quickest, however, we were very consistent.
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WKA Dousman Race Report

June 25, 2008
Our team traveled to Dousman, Wisconsin for the Man. Cup Grand Nationals held June 13-15, 2008. Even though we weren’t able to bring home an Eagle, we still had the most consistent National event ever for us. The 64 team scored four top-ten finishes including two podiums! It was an awesome weekend.
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Stars of Karting New Castle Report

June 03, 2008
Our team traveled to New Castle Motorsports Park for the Stars East vs. West race on May 30, 31 and June 1, 2008. Once again, with the help of God, we had a very successful weekend. We qualified on pole so we were off to a good start. The competition was fierce, however. Everyone there was within a fraction of a second of one another. In Heat 1, there was a wreck in the first turn which I was fortunate enough not to be involved in. After six laps of tough racing, we took the checkered flag in the first heat!
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Season Review So Far

May 30, 2008

So far this season, we are having a lot of fun and doing pretty well. At the WKA Man Cup season opener in Daytona, I ran into some bad luck when our engine blew up in Cadet. We had a mistake in Yamaha Jr. Sportsman, too, when my dad forgot the transponder in qualifying. This really upset my mom but we know that it will never happen again. I was having a decent run in HPV, but I was punted off the track. The weekend ended on a happy note, however, when I was blessed enough to get my first National podium ever. I placed 4th in the Cadet Final 2 so that made our team feel pretty good.

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