Season Review So Far

May 30, 2008

So far this season, we are having a lot of fun and doing pretty well. At the WKA Man Cup season opener in Daytona, I ran into some bad luck when our engine blew up in Cadet. We had a mistake in Yamaha Jr. Sportsman, too, when my dad forgot the transponder in qualifying. This really upset my mom but we know that it will never happen again. I was having a decent run in HPV, but I was punted off the track. The weekend ended on a happy note, however, when I was blessed enough to get my first National podium ever. I placed 4th in the Cadet Final 2 so that made our team feel pretty good.

At Lowe’s in February, we had a much better weekend. We qualified well in all the classes and ended up with a 2nd in Cadet Final 1 and a 3rd in HPV Jr. Sportsman. As usual, we had a blast!

We opened our Stars of Karting East season in Ocala, Florida with an awesome weekend. In Final 1 we wound up 2nd and in Final 2 we ended up 1st! It was great! The Stars of Karting West opener in Tooele, UT was like a dream come true. We finished first in both Final 1 and Final 2. It was an amazing weekend for everyone involved.

Hopefully, our season will continue to be safe and successful with the help of God and many other people who we love to work with. Thank you very much to Mike Doty of Mike Doty Racing, Jamie Sieracki of Franklin Motorsports, Gary Woltjer of Woltjer Racing Engines, Tyler Dueck, Colby Jenn, Wesley Boswell, Chris Perez, Shawn & Jim Sharkey of H&S Motorsports, Scott Chohlis, Alex Napp and the Ferris family from Raceway Park, NJ who got us started in this fabulous yet expensive sport, my sponsors D.F.L. Carpentry and Premier Woodcraft, and my family who continues to give me their love and support whether I win or lose. Thank you to all!