Stars of Karting Shawano Race Report

July 19, 2008
When we arrived in Shawano, we were hoping our good luck would continue as we got ready to finish up the STARS East division. During the early session of Friday’s practice, the heavy rains soaked the track. The first two sessions we practiced in the wet. We were lucky that it quickly dried up so Jamie, Mike, and my dad could work on our set-up. Throughout practice we were never the quickest, however, we were very consistent.

Saturday morning we woke up to sunny weather. It seemed like a great day to race. We had to make it through one round of practice, qualifying, and two heat races. Qualifying went extremely well, as we were second quickest and missed pole by three one-hundredths of a second. Starting on the outside in both heat races wasn’t so bad at Shawano because it allowed me to keep up with the inside pack on the first turn. After 7 laps of good, competitive racing, we wound up with a solid 4th place finish. In the second heat, our result was even better with a second place finish this time. We ended our day on Saturday feeling pretty confident about what was to come.

On Sunday, after a quick round of practice, we got right to racing. Heat 3 seemed to be going very well until the final lap when I made contact with another driver which caused me to spin. I wound up 10th and it seemed like bad luck was finally coming to bite us.

I started in third for the final two races. We were having an awesome run in Final 1. On the final lap I was in 3rd. Everything was looking good until I attempted to pass for second place and I made contact with someone. Unfortunately, my chain came off and I couldn’t even cross the finish line. I was scored in 15th place which was by far our worst result of the STARS season. I was little bit upset but I got over it and knew we could come back strong in Final 2.

Starting in third again for the last race, Mike and Jamie told me to just try to run in the top five if we were going to win the East division. I ran in second for most of the 11 laps but was passed on the final lap which put me in fourth. With two turns remaining, the top three made contact so when I saw this happening, I dove to the inside and came out of the turn in first! We finished P1 and we won the East Division Championship! It was an amazing feeling and I am so thankful to God and my entire team.

I would like to thank Mike Doty, Jamie Sieracki, Gary Woltjer, my mom and dad, Shawn & Jim Sharkey, Steve Welk, Tyler Dueck, and the Ferris family for all their help. We have been very blessed all season and we sure hope it continues. I also appreciate all the support that I get from my fellow Merlin drivers. It really helps me a lot!